Limited capacity
July 9, 2024

Doors open

Event begins
One way to describe John Giorno would be to use a word like “holistic.” He looked for ways to welcome and support “all sentient beings” and made 222 Bowery, for example, into a meeting place for queer people, artists, and spiritual seekers alike. 

Soap Library is a tape label that pairs cassette tape releases with sensory objects to create “holistic” musical experiences.

One of its recent tape releases is with AC Diamond and comes with a glass test tube filled with lavender, clary sage, and sandalwood incense.
AC worked as John Giorno's archivist from 2013 to 2021. Since 2020, they have gathered an archive of sights and sounds in the form of voice memos, field recordings, and video notes. In this first-time collaboration with the video artist and filmmaker Suz / Murray, AC strings those vignettes together in an audio-visual performance, using handmade electronic instruments and software programs. Suz / Murray uses a projected live feed and embodied camerawork to interpret the performance in real time.

As a nod to Giorno's "Electronic Sensory Poetry Environments" from the late 1960s, and his use of raspberry incense, AC fills the space with smoke from lavender, clary sage, and sandalwood incense, courtesy of Holistic Home Co.

Soap Library's Kerry Santullo introduces the performance by playing some of their recent tape releases, including AC's SELF/WORK, a semi-theatrical performance set in a dystopian retreat center where healer and patient engage in a battle of wills,  incorporating unrelenting speech, tape delays, sound-reactive lights, and olfactory elements. 

AC Diamond in performance with Ilana Stuelpner at Outpost Artist Resources, 2020 (photo by Muyassar Kurdi)

Suz / Murray filming Kirsten Harvey in 1-800-3592-113592 by CHILD, 2024 (photo by AC Diamond)
Soap Library is a holistic tape label in New York City. Founded in 2015 by Kerry Santullo, the label pairs cassette tape releases with sensory objects to create holistic musical experiences. Artists represented in their catalog include Eve Essex, Kevin Kenkel, Gryphon Rue, Chris Kallmyer, Daniel Klag, Kinlaw, and Mary Lattimore, among others. 
AC Diamond (they/them) is the nascent stage moniker of Lenapehoking/New York based-composer and artist-technologist Anastasia Clarke. AC programs and builds creative music technology to use in performance, fragmenting narrative material with their devices in order to spin it into ineffable new shapes and stories. Their recordings have been released on Infrequent Seams, (((Cave))), and Soap Library. Anastasia is also an archivist.

Suz / Murray (they/them) is a Brooklyn based video artist and filmmaker. Their focus is building non-hierarchical film sets and finding more ethical and sustainable ways to make films and video art. Suz Murray’s 2023 work includes: Director for Bad Decision Music Video and the Infinite Loop Visual Mixtape with the artist Lou Tides, Documentation Films: Sad Boys in Harpy Land (Playwrights Horizon) with the artist Alex Tatarsky; A Crowded Field (Abrons Arts Center) with the artist Morgan Bassichis; and im a pause im a fiction im a pervert im a dream (Canal Projects), noposition nolocation (Center for Performance Research), and The Complaint Society (Exponential Festival) with the artist Barnett Cohen.

This project is supported in part by a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant and Grimm Artisanal Ales.

Due to the age and character of the building, the space is not optimized for ADA accessibility and is located up a single flight of 20 stairs with handrails. If you have questions about access, please contact us in advance of the event, and we will make every effort to accommodate you.