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April 16, 2024


Screening of N’Importe Quoi (for Brunhild)

Performance by Luke Fowler and David Grubbs

Conversation between Luke Fowler and David Grubbs

Born in 1937 in Frankfurt, the composer Brunhild Ferrari moved to Paris in 1959. There, she met (and married) the composer Luc Ferrari, a pioneer of musique concrète and a founding member, with Pierre Schaeffer, of Groupe de recherches musicales (GRM). It's only over the past decade, however, that Brunhild's own works as a composer have begun to emerge. 
The event begins with a screening of N’Importe Quoi (for Brunhild) (2023) by Luke Fowler. This film places its emphasis on the composer's voice, rather than on her face, and traces locations and places that are meaningful for her in the context of her work with her husband Luc Ferrari and her own compositions. Like his previous films, it is a fragmented and non-linear portrait that incorporates the ruptures between sound and image that film editing can achieve.

Then, the first-ever duo performance by Luke Fowler and David Grubbs, where they work from recordings prepared for them by Brunhild Ferrari. David, a long-time friend of Brunhild's, contributed an afterword to the book Luc Ferrari: Complete Works (Ecstatic Peace Library, 2019). 

And finally, a conversation between the two artists. 

Luke Fowler
N'Importe Quoi (for Brunhild), 2023, (Still)
16mm film, 9:34 min
Image courtesy of the artist and The Modern Institute/Toby Webster Ltd
Luke Fowler (b. 1978) is an artist, filmmaker, and musician based in Glasgow. His para-documentary films have explored counter-cultural figures including Scottish psychiatrist R. D. Laing, English composer Cornelius Cardew, and Marxist-Historian E. P. Thompson. With an emphasis on communities of people, outward thinkers and the history of the left, his 16mm films tell the stories of alternative movements in Britain, from psychiatry to photography to music to education. Whilst some of his early films dealt with music and musicians as subjects, his later works deal with the nature of sound itself.
David Grubbs (b. 1967) is a musician based in Brooklyn. He was a founding member of the groups Gastr del Sol, Bastro, and Squirrel Bait, and has performed with the Jim O'Rourke, Red Krayola, Will Oldham, Tony Conrad, Pauline Oliveros, Royal Trux, Loren Connors, Susan Howe, and many others. Grubbs' records have been released on Drag City, and he also directs the Blue Chopsticks label, which has released new and archival recordings by Luc Ferrari, Derek Bailey and Noël Akchoté, and others. He is the author of Good night the pleasure was ours, The Voice in the Headphones, Now that the audience is assembled, and Records Ruin the Landscape: John Cage, the Sixties, and Sound Recording (all published by Duke University Press). Grubbs is Distinguished Professor of Music at Brooklyn College and The Graduate Center, CUNY. 

Due to the age and character of the building, the space is not optimized for ADA accessibility and is located up a single flight of 20 stairs. If you have questions about access, please contact us in advance of the event, and we will make every effort to accommodate you.